Solar Street Light

Uniquely designed good looking Solar Street Light with folding pole and top fitting SMF battery. Easily transportable and practically zero chance of battery theft. Light fitting can be rotated 360 degree and solar panel tilt arrangement.



  • Telescopic folding pole
  • Hassle free installation
  • Optimum working
  • Dusk to Dawn operation
  • Solar panel uniquely tilted for optimum sun capture
  • Pole can withstand heavy wind
  • Light rotation 360 degree
  • In house Pole design and manufacturing
  • In house Luminaire manufacturing
  • IP65 luminaire
  • Highly efficient LED – Nichia or OShram- 120 lm/watt
  • Very superior quality lense for unique light distribution
  • Temperature compensation for the battery leading to longer life of battery
  • Night dimming (optional)
  • Motion sensor- (optional) Detecting motion light goes to max otherwise get dim.
  • More lumens per watt meaning more light
  • 9 watt / 14 watt / 18 watt /24 watt / 40 watt/60watt/90watt solution