Solar Inverter

It consists of MPPT PWM Solar Charge Controller with Hybrid Inverter.
As per the requirement, the same inverter can supply full DC power for
charging of battery through 230V AC mains (wherever available). The
Inverter can thus both charge the battery or supply the AC to
connected Loads through Grid synchronisation. Provision for command
to start / stop of DG set also available, in case battery gets discharged
beyond certain level.


Adaptive algorithm for high efficiency MPPT Solar Charger
High efficiency DC-DC power conversion
Low current distortion and high PF during charging mode
Available from 3KVA to 15KVA in wide voltage range
Multi stage battery charging including temperature compensation
Fast changeover time
High inrush current
Current sharing between Solar & AC when present
Auto DG start-stop as per requirement
Digital display with keypad control
RS-485 with extended touch screen display
Data logging with storage and GPRS monitoring